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A cute nickname to give someone when they mean everything to you, you can't sleep without them or without thinking of them. This does not refer to there size in anyway
Little lamb, you are so cute, I love you uber much
#bug #bugface #bugaboos #sweetie #baby
作者 <3Lex 2008年3月16日
One who has no friends and is a complete loser
Hated by all
Sean is a bastard face, who will never get laid
#bastard #bastad #jerk #loser #wanna be
作者 <3Lex 2008年3月16日
When some one is such a bastard you have to repeat yourself. Also a good thing to yell out when frustrated.
Me: They forget to give us ketchup
Her: Bastardly Bastards! I need ketchup
#bastard #douche #bag #asshole #jerk
作者 <3Lex 2008年5月18日
Yet another annoying yet adorable name you give to someone you love, this doesn't have anything to do with there face looking like a bug, it is just a cute name to give someone
I love you bugface, even if you are not too smart and in jail
#bugaboos #baby #bug #little lamb #travis
作者 <3Lex 2008年3月16日
One who lacks any social skills and is involved in such clubs as Anime. Believed to crawl up out of the sewers everyday, and not able to enter direct sun light
Brentsewmo is a complete sewer mutant but I love him anyways because of his amazingness
#loser #nerd #geek #freak #mutant
作者 <3Lex 2008年4月19日
When a lame not at all funny student is picked out by Jacob Davis and is interviewed to appease the other lame students at Los Osos High
Wow did you see Student Spotlight?
Yeah, I heard the little freshman they interviewed was Jacob Davis biggest fan.
It wasn't very funny
#i nterview #film #tv. spotlight #spotfight #bear factorian
作者 <3Lex 2008年4月19日
The act of being a douche bag. When one continues to just be a total asshole.
I love my boyfriend but he was being so douche bagdly after he found I like black guys.
#bastard #douche #bag #asshole #jerk
作者 <3Lex 2008年5月18日


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