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An orgasm in a box for gamers
OMFG it's the playstation 3, i'm having an orgasm!
作者 Amos Nusheg 2008年2月19日
The most funniest person in the class who often gets in trouble
Class Clown: Alejandro acts stupid all the time in front of the teacher and he has to go to the Dean everytime.
作者 Amos Nusheg 2007年10月08日
a place where you can do your homework and stuff, and your being watched everywhere you look by teachers.
study hall is boring
作者 Amos Nusheg 2007年10月08日
A technique that tempts you to click it and you get god-knows-what popups after you click it
*A hand with longer black finger nails points at text* Do not Click this Unless you are 18.
作者 Amos Nusheg 2007年10月08日
A person who get's straight A's in school
Michael: Hey, look at my report card. I got all A's bitch.
Samuel: Ah! School Boy!
作者 Amos Nusheg 2007年10月08日
A spyware and adware deployment tool developed by Microsoft
Wtf, I just got pr0n out of no where using Internet Explorer!
作者 Amos Nusheg 2008年2月19日
A multi award-winning game first developed in 1995 by Microsoft and installed into all of it's computers.
This Blue Screen of Death is awesome! Now why won't my computer work?
作者 Amos Nusheg 2008年2月19日


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