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A put down in australian slang: when someone cant do their job or play sport properly.
-you see ol' Bluey over there, yeah he's been working here for about 15 years but he's about as useless as a hat full of busted assholes.
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Australian Slang: Meaning that your really thirsty, usually words heard around a pub when no drinks are being served because sevice is slow and the locals are getting impatient.
-Oi Shazza! Could you hurry it up a tad I'm dry as a dead dingos donger over 'ere
-Chuck us a coldie, all this hard yakka is making me as dry as a dead dingos donger!
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Meaning an under garment such as breifs, boxers, undies etc
- he arrived at school with only his underdaks on.
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Australian slang for an outback toilet. also see dunny and poop shoot.
-'scuse me love, just need to have a slash round the thunderbowl.
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Pack of galahs: Ususlly used to describe a group of incompitent people. Also used to comment on all the shielas talking at a BBQ.
-Look at them. Cackling like a pack of galahs.
-See the way your team is playing out there today, what a pack of galahs!
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Meaning: to urinate or take a piss.
-Back in a sec, i need to go take a massive slash.
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日
Used to compliment a sheila on the way she looks in her trousers.
-G'day spunky trunks!
作者 Anthony Kitching 2004年10月11日


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