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The license required to be a lesbian in Michigan.
"Yeah, that chick has her lickher license for sure."
作者 B-Stange 2003年4月14日
A scale relating to a female's looks. A three on the finger scale means "I would cut off three of my fingers to nail that girl".
作者 B-Stange 2003年4月14日
Thumb goes in her ass, index finger in her box, pinch as hard as possible and pick her up... like you would a six pack.
作者 B-Stange 2003年4月14日
When a girl is going down on you, pull out, come on her face and then punch her in the nose... smear the blood and seman together.
I gave her the strawberry creamsaver
作者 B-Stange 2003年4月14日
The highest quality, refering to a girls ass.
"That is grade A quality meat"
作者 B-Stange 2003年4月14日


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