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A remarkable band from England that combines various genres of metal, but especially black metal and symphonic metal, as surely seen on their recent CD titled "Nymphetamine." Their writing is extremely deep, and throws references at subjects such as Evil, fantasy, mythology, love, despair, and darkness. Dani is a great screamer, live and on CD.
I love me some Cradle of Filth and their pounding, heavy metal style mixed with black metal
作者 BleedingTorment 2006年10月17日
A very unique, though generally dark, style that should not be labeled by rights. However, society loves to label goth as a general term for people who wear: a lot of black, seem withdrawn a lot in public, wear heavy metal shirts, wear dark make-up, and are actually talented at subjects on the creative side, like writing.

It's not about how many chains one can wear, it's about overall thought, acceptance, and certain tastes. For example, you can't be seen as gothic walking around in a polo from American Eagle. But, the limits of dark colored clothing and "dark" accesories range in variety and it's up to the individual. KEYWORD: Inidivdual

Gothic music ranges in genres like darkwave, industrial, trance, techo, electronica, heavy metal, alternative rock, and so on and so forth. The music is generally solemn sounding, in some way, and very creative.

The places to easily find "gothic" clothing would be Hot Topic or Spencer's. Also, check out local thrift stores or online sites.

Above all, it's about being yourself and living outside that margin so many people feel almost too comfortable within. "Goths" are not mean.
Stuck up person: Look at them, they wear a lot of black and look depressed, so they must worship Satan along with that creepy Marilyn Manson dude. Wow, let's stay away from those scary freaks. They're goth
作者 BleedingTorment 2006年10月17日
A very annoying group of people who flock to any local show. These people are often seen having hair, which is similar to that of the emo style.

Scene people are not exactly emo though. They are generally just about the appearance and currently cool fads. They commonly wear shirts with dinosaurs on them, or local bands, to fit into the scene. The girls drench themselves in white beaded necklaces. They have also tried stealing Vans and Converse, but it's still better than preps getting their hands on it. Scene people are just into the fads and are RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED with myspace.
Look at those scene kids, flocking to the local shows.
作者 BleedingTorment 2006年10月17日


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