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the linking of the two panic! at the disco members Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. As some people seem to think that the two are an item.
OMG! Ryden. I love when Ryro and Bden hold hands.
作者 Bob Magnifico 2006年8月10日
the nickname given to Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie. Simply removing the middle letters from his first name.
Who's your favorie member of Panic! at the Disco?

Bden > Ryro
作者 Bob Magnifico 2006年8月10日
The nickname given to Panic! at the Disco bassist Jon Walker. First letter of first name and first part of his last.
JWALK is so much better than Brent.
作者 Bob Magnifico 2006年8月10日


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