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general term for anything
What the fuck are those shits?

Take a look at these shits.

作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日
lips that are very large, closely resembling those of african americans
Jesus, that chick has some nig lips!
作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日
same as meat flaps, bologna drapes are elongated pussy lips from years of use and abuse, commonly seen on older women, hookers, and whores
Her bologna drapes tasted like fish.
作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日
term for a female with a smelly vagina
Close your legs Stinky McPink!
作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日
cigarette, derived from the common term niglet
I am going to go smoke a ciglet.
作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日
another name for a butthole
It really sucks when you poo then realize there is no TP to wipe your boddicker with.
作者 BrownEye4U 2006年4月13日



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