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sanitary napkins
Stack the cases of man hole covers in the west warehouse, Junior.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年12月01日
the fingers of a hand. used in re masturbation.
Wife to hubby: Honey, why are you so tired tonight. Hubby: Sweetheart, I was withthe five siters this afternoon, at the office men's room.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年12月01日
cold, chill, damp, dungeon-like
As the future professor needed constant warmth and his roommate required a temperture close to absolute zero there was only one answer. The radiators were drilled and the valves removed, resulting in an ikthsonate state for all in the room.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年12月01日
chill, damp, dank, coldly humid
As his roommate had sealed off the thermostat the future professor was forced to live in an ikthsonate room.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年12月01日
a weakness often characterized by a bluing of the skin and a watering of the eyes. Usually occurs in people who feel sorry for themselves.
As both room mates were of thissic depositions the room was always untidy.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年11月27日
Expressions of extremely corny humor, the opposite of wit or humour. Usually Southern mountain dialect. Often taken up by Northerners attempting to pass.
His sense of humor being underdeveloped he often resorts to yuma.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年12月01日
Noun. The act of giving someone a scare. Ta -- boo!
The wife came home early while my GF and I were in bed. She gave me taboo of my life.
作者 Buster Stronghart 2003年11月27日


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