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The absolute dumbest term one can use to describe someone with no tolerance for homosexual behavior. Assumes that one must have a deep-seated fear of gays in order to feel contempt for them or insult them, as opposed to just being ignorant, hateful or brusque.

Are people who hate gays bigotted and hick-like? Yes. Afraid of them? Nobody says "Jewphobia", they say antisemitism, and a Klansman is not a "blackophobe". Try watching Will and Grace and then tell me that a gay man is something to be feared.
Example of the term "homophobic" being properly used:

Cletus: Fags're threatinin' mah way of life! Gawd's fixin' teh punish Amer'cans!

Person with Brain: Wow, homophobic much?


Example of using the term like a fucking idiot:

Emilio: You listen to Coldplay? Ha! Faggot!

Robyn: OH MY GOD you said "faggot"! That's so ignorant and homophobic!

Emilio: You're embarassingly PC. Ever hear of colloquial use, retard?
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2008年7月23日
Someone that none of you fat, ugly, ditzy schoolgirls will ever have a chance with. If I were him I'd carry that bow around to fend you losers off. Leave the poor guy alone.
Orlando Bloom can do 200x better than you and he will.
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2004年7月06日
Should seperate North Jersey and South Jersey into two different states, because many things about them are totally different.

South Jersey: Home of wannabe-Italians, suburbs, overwhelming white majority, farmland, lots of Philly influence (more Flyers fans here than in Philly), close proximity of convenience stores, Pine Barrens, tourist attractions, popular beaches, AC, malls.

North Jersey: Everything in Jersey that was cool about 30 years ago (Asbury Park, Hoboken, etc), more racially diverse, urban, older-looking than South Jersey, lots of New York influence, high pollution, and the stereotypical nasal accent... overall, just looks more depressing.
Most insults directed at New Jersey apply only to North Jersey.
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2004年7月15日
CRAIDS is a hilarious disease in which the patient in question has somehow sexually contracted both Crohn's Disease AND AIDS.

Some people believe CRAIDS is the worst disease ever, as not only is a CRAIDS patient unable to enjoy red meat without bloody, watery diarrhea, but also can't have sex with anyone ever again aside from other CRAIDS patients. There is only one known case of CRAIDS in the world.

Others believe CRAIDS to be the best disease because it is easily made fun of. Crohn's Disease is humorous because it involves massive shits and is not fatal. AIDS is laugh-eliciting due to it's prevalence among the gays, and because it is an '80s disease. Therefore, CRAIDS is fast becoming a wide topic of ridicule among late night talk show hosts.
Pat: NLLLEEEhhhh, I just accidentally ate a burger and a bunch of white blood cells came out in my shit! Must be my CRAIDS actin up, dude! YOOOOOOOOOO DUDE
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2010年2月09日
Shitty overrated Dutch beer that is always bitter and skunky, no matter how old it is, much like Stella Artois.
Americans: Unless it's from the UK or Bulgaria, don't drink imported beer.
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2004年11月22日
A trailor-trash beer that no one would drink if it wasn't so cheap and didn't have a little bit higher alcohol content than the standard.
Natty Ice is even worse than Canadian beer.
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2004年12月05日
See non-existant. Bisexuality is a myth; a fable, if you will. The term refers to a fantasy orientation in which a man or woman is physically attracted to both genders, however, these so-called bisexuals will only be seen dating members of one sex and occassionaly hooking up with the other. This is done by attention whores.

Women who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) So undesirable and irritating to be around that they have to hook up with other women as a last ditch effort for attention.
B.) Dikes.

Men who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) Gay.

Bisexuals can typically be found at Hot Topic or at lame emo/hardcore shows.
Robin: Guy's think it's pretty hot that I'm a bisexual.

Alex: You're bi? Where's your girlfriend?

Robin: Well, I have a boyfriend. I don't have a girlfriend right now...

Alex: Have you ever?

Robin: Uhh, no... but I DID kiss another girl at a party the other night.

Alex: Riiiiiiigght.
作者 Chernorizets Hrabr 2008年2月17日



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