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n. The next person in line for a welfare check. An individual who usually lays outside K-Marts.
Be careful on your way out, as to not trip over the front bum.
作者 Dane C. Eiteneier - Esoteric 2008年1月13日
n. Individual who dwells exclusively in one location forever.
"Excuse me, locavore. Could you direct me to the nearest gas station."
作者 Dane C. Eiteneier - Esoteric 2008年1月13日
1. To communicate with yourself using items such as phone, fax, e-mail; in attempt to appear busy or doing ones job.

2. Speaking aloud to the other you in the sub-conscience or quantum realm.
1. "I didn't have time to finish the report due to...hang on. I've got a call."

2. The weirdo on the street corner isn't talking to himself. He's reverse telecommuting.
作者 Dane C. Eiteneier - Esoteric 2008年1月13日


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