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A cake that has been farted on by a woman for obtaining sexual pleasure
Amie lowered her butt towards the cake, positioned her anus in front of the cake, and produced this delicious fartcake
作者 Danielle V 2008年9月02日
cakes made after a woman releases her stinky digestive gas into it
These cakes are fartcakes!
作者 Danielle V 2008年9月02日
A cake which has been farted upon by a woman for sexual purposes
Bart, don't eat this fart cake! You might get sick from E-Coli infection!
作者 Danielle V 2008年9月02日
one form of sexuality where a woman farts naked on a cake
This is the sickest porn shit ever - watch this woman farting on a cake
作者 Danielle V 2008年9月02日


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