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A terms for being very under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I was 'sloshed' that night at Bennys.
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日
The term used when someone is under the influence of BOTH drugs AND alcohol.
Wow, that guy is so 'polluted'
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日
A joint with a mix of drugs in it. See "salad". Weighing no more than two grams.
I rolled a nice trubb last night.
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日
Used to comment on a comment. Takes the place of "nice"
Tom says: Those are some good pretzels.
Bill says: Riiaght
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日
Term used for cool, radical.
That car has some 'fresh' wheels.
That hair-do is 'fresh'
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日
A joint of marijuana. No more than 2 grams.
I rolled a nice dubb last night
作者 FontE 2003年11月05日


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