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(boontling) a girlfriend
Applehead harps my ling.
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月02日
to speak (from boontling)
That boonter's harpin.
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月01日
to hit someone over the head with a pillow, from TV's "The Electric Company"
Stop glunking your brother.
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月18日
something you were once familiar with, but haven't thought of in ten years
Hey, I got one! "I ain't gon' bump no mo' wif no big fat woman!" Tenner?
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月07日
(boontling) language, one's language
You can't harp my ling.
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月02日
to eat a banana while holding your nose. From TV's "The Electric Company."
I can't sploosh. It takes too long.
作者 Frank Booth 2006年4月25日
a angry atheist activist, now deceased. She traveled the nation to proclaim the non-existence of God. And she hated religion. She wasn't just an atheist. She was really, really mad about it. And she was an aggressive woman. And a real Large Marge. Even Ayn Rand, herself an atheist and angry as well, disdained her.

She went missing for over a year and finally turned up murdered.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair, you sure are an angry atheist, you crazy bitch.
作者 Frank Booth 2005年1月09日



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