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Keeping it real, Grinding it out, Making sure that the fire will not go out, accelerating at speeds up to and over 100 mph.
Dont be a wee mon and fade keeper lit !
作者 Handz Sproggen 2003年3月18日
An estate car with an engine capacity of greater than 2.4L , fitted with leather material , multi cd changer , a whopper sound system and containing 4 or more fit bee-atches !
Check out his love wagon !!!!
作者 Handz Sproggen 2003年3月18日
The process by which frozen spunk of a wise man turns into the runny spunk of a wise man !
Heat it up good Big E !!!!!!!!
作者 Handz Sproggen 2003年3月18日
Marino Smoke Team
Here jonty u cuming round to get a wack off da MST ...? Nah mate there wee men lets head round to west cultra !
作者 Handz Sproggen 2003年3月18日


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