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A gourd, used by the ancient Mayans, to carry water made from cow intestine.
He carried two pnemi back to the others after filling it with water.
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月23日
The sound a cat makes when disturbed or agitated; usually coupled with gettin' all puffy and hissing.
I stepped on my cat's tail the other day and it was all like feetfeet!
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2009年8月04日
The study of the effect of magic platypi on death in in human populations where there is an overabundance of carrot fields.
I majored in thantolopsideridzy in college, my minor was baking.
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月23日
Someone who commits suicide on live web cam with an audience.
I wanted to kill myself, so i decided to be a thinf for extra drama.
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月21日
A kind of potato, S. tuberdulcis, growing in the hills of Peru known for its unique, almond taste.
They... had begun to steal disators from local vendors after the price nearly tripled during the shortage. (Marvin, A Brief History of Peru and The Shining Path)
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月23日
A period of sixteen thousand years.
"You better not break that, it took me a oejn to make it", said Jesus the magical hamster.
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月23日
Someone who bleeds to death after biting their tongue.
The thinf was also a tingue, he bit through his tongue.
作者 HorrorOfTheTeenageLobsterCello 2008年11月21日


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