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The most overly used phrase in gaming history. From the game Skyrim.
Guard: I used to be an adventurer just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

Player: LOL
作者 I'mAddictedToUrbanDictionary 2013年3月22日
The new super saiyan transformation that's going to appear in the new Dragon Ball Z movie. Goku will be the one that achieves it (much to the disappointment of Vegeta fan boys.)
Goku fan boy: Dude, did you know that Goku transforms into a super saiyan god?

Vegeta fan boy: INCONCIEVABLE!!! Akira Toriyam needs to stop trolling Vegeta!
作者 I'mAddictedToUrbanDictionary 2013年3月22日
Another name for the titanic,which was the biggest failure in boating history.
I used to be a sailor just like you, then I took a failboat to the knee.
作者 I'mAddictedToUrbanDictionary 2013年3月22日


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