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A small, angry black man with a video camera.
Soon the hood will be filled with Spike Lees running around.
作者 IphilP 2005年4月25日
1.to be jewish
2.rhymes with chewy
Mike Davis is real jewy.
作者 IphilP 2004年4月06日
Someone who is really gay or looks gay.
That kid looks mad faggity.
作者 IphilP 2004年3月23日
1. To smoke reefer.
2. To cook burgers.
Let's go grill burgers and then grill burgers.
#drugs #food #cooking #baking #eating
作者 IphilP 2007年7月03日
1. a man's liquid that is not pee.
That's not a tear in ur eye it is my man gook.....guy.

- Lyric from MC Sean
作者 IphilP 2004年9月10日
Got to go.
Yo dogg, i gotta moosh to the ush
作者 IphilP 2004年4月08日
1. To slap someone in the face.
2. To smoke a hell of a lot of cocaine.
1. I was like to my bro. "What did the five fingers say to the face?" Then I slapped him so hard in the face! Then later that day he asked someone the same question and he got slapped again.

2. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
作者 IphilP 2004年8月14日


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