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A very popular song off the "Black Albumn" from Metallica. The black albumn was billboards #1 album that year
exit light, enter night, take my hand off to never never land
作者 JeVoNeR 2003年9月14日
something every girl that is under a size 12 should wear to the beach. even better if it has a thong bottom
作者 JeVoNeR 2003年9月12日
the best fucking movie in the world,its about a store clerk that had a shitty day
作者 JeVoNeR 2003年9月16日
A very good metal band comparable to inflames
soilwork kicks ass!!!!!!
作者 JeVoNeR 2003年9月12日
Metallica's best song along with "one"
fade to black is one of the most depressing songs i ever heard
作者 JeVoNeR 2003年9月14日


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