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A collection of students of various ethnic backgrounds; not necessarily a pejorative expression.
All my friends are shish kebobs; they rule the math club.
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月07日
1. Large male hillbilly or redneck type.

2. Affectionate term for one's Jewish grandmother.
1. Bubba will kick your ass.

2. Bubba will give you cake.
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月11日
Rural or black slang for female genitalia.
I likes lookin at women's.
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月07日
A very ugly face, typically fat.
"Damn, check out the monkey pie on that kid."
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月07日
The hindquarters of a small tailless dog, such as a Schipperke.
That crazy dog has a bug up its boolie.
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月07日
An Irish Catholic. (also, mackerel snapper)
That wake was nothing but snappers.
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月07日
1. jack rabbit feces.

2. something plentiful and omnipresent, yet nonetheless worthless.

3. nothing, or nothingness
(see jack squat)
"This here jack shit ain't worth jack shit."

Incorrect: "He don't know jack shit."
Correct: "He knows jack shit."
作者 Joe Bone 2005年3月11日



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