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A weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish.
A set of fonts showing pictures instad of letters.
You are a real dingbat.

I was talking to your best friend, he told me your were in on holiday, he is a real dingbat isn't he.

I tried to cash my wifes paycheck, I felt like a dingbat when they refused me because of my sex.
作者 John365 2003年3月13日
Creative accounting,
My best account has cooked the books this year, my tax bill is the lowest ever
作者 john365 2003年3月13日
An english sweet. (Candy)
I thought I wuold have a Jelly baby with my tea
作者 john365 2003年3月13日
Any software not by microsoft
I used a generic program for getting my e.mail
作者 john365 2003年3月13日
English Phone Company also provides internet access. Probably the biggest in the known universe.
I would only use BT if you have no other option
作者 john365 2003年3月13日


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