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a large explosion of jizzum (sperm) usually into the face of a female

collin let out a huge jizzum bomb onto caitlins face after she had sexual intercourse with him
作者 Josh Poory (p-dizzle to the wizzle) 2006年10月16日
jeans that are way to tight on your balls. The new jeans canibis casey bought from old navy.
canibis casey - holy shit check out my pants

space turtle - yea dude they look tight on your nuts

canibis casey - yea these are my "ball squeeze jeans"
作者 Josh Poory (p-dizzle to the wizzle) 2006年10月16日
a semi-hippie that is obsessed with phish. can play soccer and hacky-sack. hates delouch but has fun in her class of 3-A the main reason is that he can stare at makenzie's ass when she plays center in flag football. one other good thing is space turtle and echo vibe (practicly his gay lovers except for the gay and lover part) are in the class with him.
Man Watching Jv Soccer: dam son i didnt know hippies could play soccer

Jv Soccer Teamate: o well thats canibis casey
作者 Josh Poory (p-dizzle to the wizzle) 2006年10月16日


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