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ballocks is spelt bollocks
- Usually used as an alternative to 'Fuck!' or 'Shit!'
作者 k 2003年11月23日
aka "Hot Girl #37"
*looks at name tag* "Hey guys look at me, I'm Hot Girl #37!!"
作者 K 2003年5月08日
When something messed up, wrong, stupid (can refer to someone or something)
That shit is jankie
Stop bein jankie steve
作者 K 2004年3月25日
a homosexual person, derogatory term
dude u are so an ass cowboy
作者 k 2002年5月08日
A really, super hot Canadian rapper.
"Look, there goes a MadChild!"
作者 k 2003年11月28日
Talkin'stuff; Talkin' trash
He ain't talkin' nothin' but booty chatta.
作者 K 2003年11月30日
Asome fast bike for everyday rider. Can woop on other 600 crotch rockets and can also ride on it all day. Much more upright seating than conventional sportbike without losing any handling or speed capabilities.
That FZ6 looks like its going 100 mph when its standing still1
作者 k 2005年3月06日



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