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A pokiy is a woman who often gets left behind and enjoys a good spanking
Yo i spanked that pokiy tonight!
作者 KSKsquad 2004年11月21日
a gorgeous beautiful woman who makes out with 5 men a night at local frats
Damn that girl was definately catfucker.
作者 KSKsquad 2004年11月21日
a woman who brings home men from local frats, specially bosnians.
That girl was a weedy ass persian, she gets all the men!
作者 KSKsquad 2004年11月21日
a woman who drinks excessivly and likes to hook up with people when others are in the room.
Eww, that womans having sex and im in the room, shes a twerker.
作者 KSKsquad 2004年11月21日


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