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1. When something is good, great or amazing.

2. When someone does something good, great or amazing.

3. When someone says something good, great or amazing.
"That club we went to last night was boom"

Boy smashes a window - "Yeah dats boom"

"Let's go down the park and get some cider" "Yeah boom"
作者 LuKe-87 2006年1月10日
Derogatory term for a gay person or the sexual acts or anal sex.
"The boys a chuntey shunter"

"What a chutney shunter"
作者 LuKe-87 2006年1月10日
A derogatory word for a female backside.
"I'll lick your boom boom down"

"That girls got a nice boom boom"
作者 LuKe-87 2006年1月10日
A girl or boy that lie's about the sexual acts they have or will perfom.
"Dat girl sed she'd give me head she's a stoosh girl"

"He sed he would lick me out, dat boy's a stoosh"
作者 LuKe-87 2006年1月10日


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