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Boinking the sound a pogo stick makes when in use.

Boinking can also be a vulgar term for having casual sex with someone.
Oh they're not committed, they're just boinking(having sex).
#boink #boinking #casual sex #pogo sounds #bootycall
作者 Merci Merc 2013年1月16日
Broke Diva

or commonly used as the Broke Down Diva

1) A woman that makes bad choices with money.

2) Label Whore

3) A woman thats addicted to high end fashion and can't afford it.

4) A materialistic and selfish woman that will do anything to get clothes and accessories.

5) A person that claims shes a DIVA and isn't famous or rich.

6) A person that will spend there child support check on there selves and the children dont receive the monies allocated to them.

7) ** Sometimes** A dead beat mom.
These Broke Divas will go out to the club dress all fly with brand named clothes, but their children are at home starving and struggling.
#broke diva #broke down diva #dead beat mom #materialistic woman #label whore
作者 Merci Merc 2012年12月08日
Sex capades

1 ) A session of uninhibited sex in the weird, odd or wildest places.

2) Sex for sport.

3) Is the practice of two or more casual sex partners being free to do it where-ever and whenever.

4) No filters with multiple or singular sexual partners.

5) Promiscuous.
Oh, so you guys are just going to go away this weekend and get your sex-capades on? I hear that, I aint mad atcha!
#sex #promiscuous #uninhibited #unfiltered sex partner #free
作者 Merci Merc 2012年10月29日
1) To rip someone off

2)To Short change people

3) Completely take advantage of someone else in terms of $

4) The act of getting over on a person.
If you're gonna pay $100 for some Air Jordans, and it only costs $3 to make them in China, The retail store is obviously gyping you haha
#rip off #gyp #short change #take advantage #getting over on a person
作者 Merci Merc 2012年10月15日

IIWII is the text talk for "It is what it is".

1) It is what it is

2) Nothing more, nothing less

3) Its like that and that's the way it is.
She texted me, "I guess we are officially over now"

I texted back, and I replied, "I guess I.I.W.I.I." (It is what it is") baby."
#it is what it is #iiwii #what else can i say? #no more no less #nothing more nothing less
作者 Merci Merc 2013年1月17日

i) Diarrhea

2) irritable bowel syndrome

3) the runs

4) bubble guts
Dude, that sucks that you got the boo-boo-itis and cant stop going to the bathroom.
#diarrhea #irritable bowel syndrome #the runs #bubble guts #incontinence
作者 Merci Merc 2012年10月29日
Its a cross between cupcaking (flirting, with someone esp. the opposite sex) and Skping (Video chatting) Skypecupping is like Love Jonesing
You're over there "skypecupping" and the game is on. You are missing the pre season commentary.
#skype-cupping #cup-caking on skype #skyping with a chick/dude #flirting on skype #love jonesing on skype
作者 Merci Merc 2011年7月20日


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