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It's the female latino gangsta version of "Muchaho" made from combining the words "bitch" and "muchcho". Bitchacho!
Where my bitchachos at!?
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年8月04日
When you use facebook while on the crapper.
Boss: Hey, I just noticed you updated your facebook status, weren't you in the bathroom?

You: Yea, I was face-pooping.
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年1月20日
Female equivalent for "Pussy-Whipped." See also "penis-spanked".
Why do you keep doing his laundy? You're so cock-spanked!
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年8月04日
The act of flushing someone else's poop down the toilet before being able to poop yourself.
Hey man, did you flush? I'm getting tired of always log-swapping your turd of the day.
作者 Mikey The Comic 2008年11月24日
Pronounced either Vaj-a-nin-ja or Va-ja-nin-ja.

1. A person, male or female, who slays vaginas, i.e. DESTROYS THEM! (like in a good way.. sexually).

2. A stealthy vagina who's queef's are silent, but deadly!

3. (Less common) A ninja who is also a vagina.
Hey Tory is a total vagininja!
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年10月15日
The female equivalent to pussy-whipped.
Michelle, why do you keep doing his laundy? You're so penis-spanked!
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年1月20日
A person who can't stop thinking about sex.
Tom: All I ever think about is sex!
Mikey: You're a total nymphobrainiac!
作者 Mikey The Comic 2009年9月01日


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