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A person that likes it in the ass by a big dick.
You are a real analdickbead, i hope you like from behind.
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月15日
When you life is on the line and your friends don't do shit to help you.
1. Hollyshitballs! Guys move I'm about to die by a monkey bomb!

2.Hollyshitballs! Did you see that!
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月23日
when someone raids a building and sprays bullets everywhere.
i need to go raidspray my office, I hate my boss and co-workers.
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月15日
A pain in the penis.
I have some painess in my pants.
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月15日
To end some noobs fun on a video game.
I just reuuined that guys fun.
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月15日
A move, a comeback, a way of acting, maybe even a sexual position.
1. Man I had some fun dumpster humping that girl.

2. I need a good dumpster hump right now.

3. I haven't dumpster humped in three weeks.

4. I just got dumpster humped!

5. Go dumpster hump yourself, noob!
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月14日
A creature that likes to bang everything in its path.
Im such a banglasouraus, I did, three goats, two dumpsters, and fifty pairs socks.
作者 Mr.Random 2010年5月15日



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