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a specific time of day when inmates need to be in their house and the CO's (Correctional Officers) go cell by cell making sure that each inmate is accounted for. You are to be on you bed/bunk sitting up and awake during the process. this usually happens at least 3 times daily.
I took a nap this afternoon but had to wake up for count.
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日
verb. to consume, eat or devour quickly and with intensity.
past tense : smashed

I'm getting ready to go smash those honey-buns I got in my house (i.e. cell).

I smashed that burger at chow tonight.
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日
1. A false charge.

2. When a guard intentionally sets you up to get a DR (Disciplinary Report) or sent to the hole (Segregation).

Bumbeefed is for past tense.
That man-hater C.O. is just looking for a way to bumbeef me. They don't want me going minimum.

Past tense: Man, I did a 120 all cause they bumbeefed me by sticking me with that job in the kitchen with all those fools.
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日
1. A time period in which someone is placed in segregation (DSU, The Hole) for a long amount of time. 180's are given for major offenses. It equates to 6 months, and is usually followed by a year in IMU.

Other common sentences are 90 & 120.
Did you hear that Spooky got a 180 for beating that guys head in on the yard a few weeks back?
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日
noun. : A prison cell.
The letter is back in my house, I'll grab it after count.
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日
1. A time period in which someone is placed in segregation for a long amount of time. (DSU, The Hole). Usually for a major offense. It equates to 4 months.

Other common sentences are 90 & 180 (which is usually followed with a stint in IMU)
I had my hearing today and got a 120 for that fight I had last week in the chow hall.
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作者 NotYourAvgWhiteGirl 2009年3月15日


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