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A cliched and overused hiphop term that has been beat to death more than "Bling-Bling" and "Shizzle". It means to get crazy and drunk. The term lost it's "cool" factor like two years ago, but that doesn't stop wiggers and wanna be gangstas from using the the term as much as possible.
Yo! We be all blinged out and getting crunk up in this club fo sho! (Translation: I'm a total fucking idiot, and don't know how stupid I sound!)
作者 racer 2006年2月21日
acronym for Shit Ass Mother Fucker.
Mike's nothing more than a samf.
作者 racer 2004年3月21日
An uber leet person.
"Wow, superman is almost as powerful as Racer!"
作者 Racer 2004年3月17日


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