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Good heroin. Looks like cocaine in small amounts, but is actually kind of brown. It is a snortable form.
"China white is the best opiate out there, uh I hear."
作者 Richard Head 2003年6月17日
expresses frustration in a difficult situation
Damn gina this games hard!!!!
作者 Richard Head 2004年4月30日
The act of putting 2 in the stink and 1 in the pink. (See reverse shocker)
After fucking my girlfriend in the ass, I gave her the electrifier
作者 Richard head 2014年3月13日
A butter knife used as a deadly weapon
Look at that spick with the Frankie Knife
作者 Richard Head 2004年4月30日
Dried up semen
You're mom's had trouble gettin my gang's crunt out of her hair.
作者 Richard Head 2003年6月15日
The balls in Bill Gill's throat. Because he is such a pussy.
Look at that big pussy Bill Gill's ovaries.
作者 Richard Head 2003年2月19日


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