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prepare lettuce appropriate for consumption
For dinner, people will often toss salad to serve as a first course
作者 Rod Munch 2003年8月09日
A catastrophe. A complete failure. Often from a sudden failure.
"People aren't using it? This is a duketastrophe!"
作者 Rod Munch 2005年3月03日
A catastrophe. A complete failure.
"People aren't using it? This is a duke-tastrophe!"
作者 Rod Munch 2005年3月03日
a collection or gathering of attractive young to middle age mothers who guys want to bone.
The PTA meeting was referred to as a Milford
作者 Rod Munch 2003年8月11日
taint, grundle, nifkin, gooch
sometimes i like to lick my girl's hochie when i eat her out
作者 Rod Munch 2003年8月08日
(n) A homeless person
Grimbo over there stuck his foam cup out and asked me if I could "spare some change, brudda?".
作者 Rod Munch 2004年8月11日


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