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man who loves the cock
THE GIVER on goatse.cx
作者 Ryan 2003年12月05日
A word made famous by Lil John.
lady: did you pack your bags yourself?
Lil John: Yeeeeeee!
作者 Ryan 2004年12月26日
(noun)1.a small to medium sized crap or poo 2.a word used to express how much of a loser you are
1.i have to take a nez
2.i feel like such a nez right now
作者 ryan 2003年11月28日
a bald jackass
very confusing person
see bald
stop acting like brooks
作者 ryan 2004年9月23日
See Utah or Mormons
The Mormons in Utah are a bunch of polygomists
作者 Ryan 2004年12月01日
A Beautiful GM vehicle with a 350 cu. in. small block V8 that will whoop on 90% of ricers and rustangs stock for stock.
Same old lame excuse by ricers and mustangs after the race: Your Camaro isn't fast, I just missed 3rd.
作者 Ryan 2003年10月15日
the length and/or width of a males reproductive organ (penis). The average for a 19 year old is apporximately 6.2".
My penis size is way bigger than yours!!!
作者 Ryan 2005年2月01日



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