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probably the best guy that every lived. a true hero .
see two guys and a girl.
作者 SeanX 2003年5月13日
the real definition for stiffler is a ledegenary guy how holds great status amoungst males and females.
what Ian pulled three ladies then had sex with them all? yeah but he's no stiffler.
作者 SeanX 2003年5月13日
save chip was a campaign started by the popular saturday morning tv show soccer am. this was done to save a person called chip from the shackles of not being able to watch the football.
Save chip dont let sarah win.
作者 SeanX 2003年5月21日
the best place in scotland. located in east scotland.
you wanna go to ibiza on holiday ?no lets got to dunfermline instead,its well better.
作者 SeanX 2003年5月21日
the ultimate gadey car. fopr neds
look at ma nova pal(in a ned voice)
作者 SeanX 2003年5月13日
a phrse commonly used by scottish people. meaning not a chance.
climb that wall
answer: nae danger
作者 SeanX 2003年5月13日


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