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It is the name of a fan of Doctor Who, specifically an old fan (Eighth Doctor and down).
I love the Tom Baker era... I'm such a Whovian. :D
作者 Sepik 2006年7月09日
Noun: A character of the movie Stargate and the TV show Stargate SG1. He is a main character in, so far, all seasons except for 6.
Adjective: Nerd, geek, archeologist, compassionate, forgiving, dies-a-lot... (see a character profile of Daniel Jackson)
Verb: 1 The act of dieing and coming back to life.
2 The act of making it look as if one is dead and then reappearing very much alive.
Daniel Jackson isn't actually going to die in this episode.
Stop being such a Daniel Jackson!
Wow... I just pulled a 'Daniel Jackson'.
作者 Sepik 2006年6月27日
The Anti Plot Bunny Agency was created by BiteMeTechie for the Stargate Atlantis fanfiction When Plot Bunnies Attack. It is a fandom within fandom. The role of an agent of the APBA is to go to various fandoms and destroy plot bunnies, Mary-Sues, and any other stereotypical cliches in the fandom that they have been assigned to. An agent of the APBA is considered an original character.
"Oh thank Bob you're here. It's about time the Anti Plot Bunny Agency got involved! If I see ONE MORE Gary-Stue I'm going to FREAK."
作者 Sepik 2006年8月20日
This is the fictional computer-named planet from BiteMeTechie's Stargate Atlantis fanfiction When Plot Bunnies Attack. For those of you who can't read chatspeak, it says 'Plot Bunnee'.
"It all started when a wormhole to planet P107-8UNN33 was established some eight days ago and a stray, wild, alien animal managed to make it's way back to Atlantis." - Ch1, WPBA
作者 Sepik 2006年8月20日
It is the name of a fan of Doctor Who, specifically a new fan (Ninth Doctor and up).
I am such a Wholigan... >>;
作者 Sepik 2006年7月09日


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