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A leader, god like figure, really great person.
I am Seros! Hear me roar!
作者 Seros 2003年3月08日
A wily silver fox, renowned for chasing sluts and playing bootlegs.
Hi, I'm Graffy. Guaranteed.
作者 Seros 2005年3月16日
The rare offensive odor of a womans vagina than can often be smelt when you're nowhere near it.
Man, I pyownded this girl the other night and copped some offensive woftback from her stinky britches. It was like being slapped in the face
#smell #vagina #pussy #sex #woman
作者 Seros 2007年8月01日
The definition given to habitants of suburban Australia.

These folk often have low IQs, twangs in their voices, penchants for the trades and an ability to ruin every quality nightspot a city has to offer.

The name is derived from the fact they require E-Tag's (Tollway Passes) to travel into populated city areas.
"What type of people hang out there?"
"What are they?"
"People who need an E-Tag to travel into the city"
"We use an E-Tag to travel into the city!"

#bogans #b&t's #bridge and tunnel #mug #sfigato
作者 Seros 2010年12月18日
A group of aborigines who are objecting to the increase in the cost of filling up their jerry cans.
Hey bluva, we is not payin you white boys more money for that crazy water. Us abojectives will fight it!
#abo's #aboriginals #petrol #australia #abo
作者 Seros 2008年7月22日
An individual who gives 110%, however does not receive the same return.
After much thought, Luke still could not figure out why he was single. It was simple, he was a stingrat.
作者 Seros 2005年7月14日
To wear a condom.
"Did she make you hat up?"
#condom #sex #girls #penis #doink
作者 Seros 2008年10月16日


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