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Word used by morons who cant pronounce or for that matter spell fifty
dis 'ere piece o' crap coss me sikitty tree dollaz an fiddy cent, an I still need to get some batterah to make it buzz. mothr fuck!
作者 Sick F*ck 2003年8月10日
see these
do you like tapes or cds?

oh really! well cds nuts? make sure you put them in you muthafukin mouth peace out
作者 Sick F*ck 2003年8月10日
US made missles that home in on orphanages and baby food factories that occasionally hit hospitals
Man. I have never laughed so hard as I did when CNN showed pictures of the blown up peoples grieving families. All sad 'n' shit, slappin themselves about just because another guided missile found its target. Luck they were arabs or someone might get upset.
作者 Sick F*ck 2003年8月10日
the act of lying on your back with your legs in the air so as to facilitate catching a shit in your mouth or see above.
I knew I should have knocked first when I walked in on Kennedy doing the sash in the middle of his room. gross dude.
作者 Sick F*ck 2003年8月10日
I tried my best pick up line and all she did was kick me in the PILLS
作者 sick f*ck 2003年8月22日
I wanted to plug her in the ass but her grapes were too sore from the last time
作者 Sick F*ck 2003年8月10日


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