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An adjective often heard in the gangsta' streets of High Wycombe, England. It is used when a normal positive adjective does not portray how good something is and the use of 'hardcore' does not suffice.
Colin: "Subway is badcore"
Jo: "You see that shot? Was badcore."
作者 Simjob 2005年3月30日
Originates from the Core language found in High Wycombe, England. Comes from the concept of blending/shortening words. It means blatent but is shortened to simply 'blate'.
Jo: "She fancies you Alger."
Sim: "Yeah, blate."
作者 Simjob 2005年3月28日
More Core language coming from the streets of High Wycombe, England. This is used when you immediately demand clarification of a statement, generally one that will produce a positive remark. Often said in block capitals. Not to be confused with 'isit?', which carries a different meaning.
Alger: "I got off with bare girls last night."
Lurse: "IZIT?"
Alger: Yeah man.
作者 Simjob 2005年3月29日
More Core language from High Wycombe, England but this is used elsewhere as well. Used to question a statement but is more often rhetorical than not. Not to be confused with 'izit?' which demands an answer.
Jo: "Let's go to Baker's Oven."
Colin: "Isit?"
作者 Simjob 2005年3月29日
Core language from the streets of High Wycombe, England. Mary hunter goes along the same lines as 'Betty Swallocks' and therefore translates to 'hairy munter'. Can be abbreviated to just 'mary'
Sax: "She's a mary hunter."
作者 Simjob 2005年3月30日
Core language from High Wycombe, England.

Verb: 'to sub'
Meaning to go to Subway.
Colin: "Let's Sub it."
Lurse: "Blef."
Saxon: "I'm Subbing it."
Lurse: "Blef."
作者 Simjob 2005年3月30日
Another word from the Core in High Wycombe, England. This one is an Alger original. It has many uses but primarily used as a greeting between select people. It's also used as a radar device i.e. someone will shout 'ah?' and others will reply 'ah?' so you can tell where each other are in a crowded room or something. However, similar to words like 'safe', it can be used in many situations and its meaning adapts itself to different situations.
Alger: "Ah?"
Jo: "Safe mate, how you doing?"
Alger: "Ah?"
*waits for response*
Colin: "Ah?"
*Alger is now aware of Colin's position*
作者 Simjob 2005年3月30日


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