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The act of oral pleasure
Man shes knows how to quench like a mo fo
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年8月16日
When you hit someone in the head with your penis causing massive damage
that dome shot left her paralized
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年8月17日
Shattering ones jaw with a lethal right hook. Causing massive trauma.
That motherfucker tried to rob me so I KG'ed his bitch ass.
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年9月03日
One who dislocates jaws while performing a skully
I have so much respect for that man he is the greatest Skull Master in the world he dislocated 14 jaws in a row.
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年8月17日
Fake ass Gangsta aka Wanksta. Looks hardcore from the outside but really a panocha inside. a sheep in wolves clothing.
you a poptart sweetheart you soft in the middle
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年8月18日
Porno videos, magazines etc.
Hey make sure you hide that dijorno if mom sees it we will get a skully from dad.
作者 Speedy & Veterano 2004年8月17日


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