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basically asking what you are about to get your self in to
Man i'm about to be on some freaky type shit
thats what you on
作者 Te-Te Baby 2006年9月23日
got money and able to eat every day rock what you wanna rock and do as you pleae
dj pj made this track we eatin kidddddddddd get yo weight up cuz you starvin
作者 Te-Te Baby 2006年9月23日
it means you pregnant or it means you ugly or bogus
Man Garrick had sex with Antwanese and got her popped or shawdy came in there with some fucked up ass ones lookin popped
作者 Te-Te Baby 2006年9月23日
It can mean to perform oral sex
Well an example is to get low on yo knees
作者 Te-Te Baby 2006年9月23日



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