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A desire to learn more about a person, or a thing, or a way of life.
My intellectual curiosity is on fire
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年11月15日
pub reunion and forgiveness to the insulter.
Thanks for the frog card - let's catch up soon
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年10月03日
A rare type of blood - the very first one mankind had - so the one the cavemen had in them.

It's also the blood anyone can have put into there system in emergency.
Crisis - there's a carcrash posse in A&E - anyone got any Type O Negative
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年11月14日
An eclectic outlook on life - each separate one treasured by the owner of such.
"My views are many and varied, none can be particularly boxed into a stereotype"
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年11月16日
A chance occurrance of allowing the mistake made in the past have an opportunistic outlook for the future
He fucked up badly and is working hard for forgiveness..
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年11月18日
When a group of people try to bring another person into their crowd. (Often someone already in the crowd will dismantle the desegregation and fuck up a possible desegregation)
Sarah was desegregated and finally brought into Joe's gang.
Henrietta was jealous and didn't like this so she very bitchily thoroughly dismantled the desegregation and any chance of a relationship between Sarah and Joe.
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年10月16日
tell me your news - what's been happening in your life
Wotchoo been up to recently?
作者 The Mamma with the Quan 2007年10月10日



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