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Variation of "LOL", used if someone thinks something is extremely funny.
Lamer1: "blah blah blah.. JOKE JOKE JOKE!!!1"
Lamer2: looooooooooool
作者 The Undersigned (KREJLER!!!!1) 2003年9月21日
Tubby's Li'l Diner...
Lamer1: Let's eat at TLD..
Lamer2: yes
Lamer1: Do you like TLD?
Lamer2: yes
作者 The Undersigned (KREJLER!!!!1) 2003年9月23日
short for "hi from"...
Often used by lamers, on battle.net in War3: TFT, wanting to know where you're from...
Lamer1: hf
Lamer2: ger
Lamer1: k
Lamer2: at?
Lamer1: k
Lamer2: k
作者 The Undersigned (KREJLER!!!!1) 2003年9月21日


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