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A generalization of multiple groups of Protestant Christianity. It's not actually a denomination, but a category that churches of many denominations fall under, ranging from some baptist churches in the south to non-denominational churches in the north and along the coastline. Using that criteria, the majority of protestant Christians in the US probably fall under the "Evangelical" category. Despite popular belief, they are real, tangible people, who are just as capable of being discriminated against as the people who they are frequently (and usually, falsely) accused of being discriminated against. An Evangelical Christian is best characterized as someone who wants to spread the Gospel of Christ by being living examples to the people around them. Real Evangelicals do not believe in forcing people who are not Christians to act like Christians, because they believe that Christ his followers to only come of their own free will.

Evangelical Christians should NOT be confused with "fundamentalists," a term that has come to mean someone who is far more mental than fun. Evangelicals tend to believe in more literal interpretations of the bible, but that does not mean that they are against scientific study or using critical thinking (after all, how can you understand how the Bible applies to your life without critical thinking?). Also, they do not want religion to control the government, because as Martin Luther figured out during the dark ages, religion controlling government is actually a cheap disguise for the government controlling religion. True Evangelicals want freedom of religion, and that includes the freedom to share the gospel with others.

Evangelical Christians are a large, and unfortunately, misunderstood part of the global population. They are constantly stereotyped as being hateful, bigoted people, even though many of them have done many great works for bringing rights to people and sending help to places. Evangelicals want to change their communities for the better by changing the people, one person at a time. Maybe if people came to realize that the large majority of Evangelical Christians are actually legitimately nice people who enjoy life and are happy to share their happiness with others, they'd realize that the mainstream perception of "evangelical" is merely an aggressively propagated stereotype that aims to strip Christians of their legitimacy as human beings.
Brainwashed simpleton: "Evangelicals are all idiot rednecks who think that Dinosaurs are a hoax and they want to kill everyone who doesn't go to their church and destroy America!"

Evangelical Christian: "I'm an Evangelical Christian. I am from the New England coastline. My dad is a scientist. I do not believe the people go to hell for being in different church denominations, which includes Catholicism and Orthodox. I lean libertarian in my voting, and do not want the state to control religion. I believe in the protection, safety, and rights of all people, and that it's my mandate to share God's Word with them, if they are willing.
作者 Timstuff 2008年1月27日
Someone who hates religion so much that their atheism has become a religion of its own.
Hank: "Man, it's so disgusting that our that our school has a bible study group! I'm going to make a petition to get an atheist club started!"

Bob: "You're totally a religious atheist."

Hank: "AM NOT! So do you want to come to the national prayer week protest blood drive on Saturday?"
作者 Timstuff 2007年10月08日
Dino-Riders was an awesome cartoon / toy franchise which existed from 1988-1990. In the same vein as Transformers and GI Joe, Dino Riders was the story of a conflict between the heroic Valorians, who waged war against the evil Rulon Empire. They accidentally traveled through time to ancient Earth, and shortly after they strap futuristic weapons onto the dinosaurs. In every episode they fight for control of the STEP energy crystal, and the Valoreans always won in true 80's cliche manner, with everyone managing to avoid injury despite the hundreds of lasers being shot in each battle.

The toys were excellently made, and many are prized by collectors. The dinosaurs were all highly detailed and came with weapons and either a Valorean or Rulon warrior. Some of the dinosaurs were even motorized, allowing them to walk! The most well known of the toys are likely the Diplotocus (which came with the Valorean leader Questar) and the T-Rex (which came with the Rulon leader Krulos).

Dino-Riders may not be as widely remembered as Transformers or GI Joe, but it still captured everything that was great (and stupid) about 1980's action cartoons and toys. Let us pray that it is one day revived, either as a movie or a new cartoon series.
Guy 1: "Hey, do you remember Dino-Riders?"
Guy 2: "Oh yeah, they were awesome! I have the T-Rex, and he still walks!"
作者 Timstuff 2008年4月06日
Used to describe the terrible noises that you must endure in a public restroom when you walk in and someone (or multiple persons) are in the process of taking a dump. Or, it can simply be an allusion to using the public restroom.
"I had to take a leak the other day, but the bathroom choir was in full session, so I got out of that restroom ASAP."

"I'll be back in a second. I have a practice session with the bathroom choir."
作者 Timstuff 2008年3月08日
The name that natives of the Congo have given to what many believe to be a living Dinosaur, that is said reside in their region. From interviews with locals and eye-witness accounts by explorers, it is believed that the creature is a sauropod, like a diploticus or apatasaurus (commonly mistaken for a "brontosaurus," which did not actually exist).
Though there have been many reports of Mokele-Mbembe sightings since the late 19th century, the scientific community has shown little interest in researching it.
作者 Timstuff 2007年9月16日
The primary form of transportation for people who wear Nikes.
Guy in car: "Hey, nice shoes!"
Guy at bus stop: "Thanks, they're Nikes!"
作者 Timstuff 2009年5月21日
A politically correct substitute for the word "lose." Has become extremely popular in the last 4 years.
The Springfield Hawks seemed to have victory in the state championship game locked up. But halfway through the game, Coach Moore decided that winning was too hard, and had the team change course.
作者 Timstuff 2008年1月22日


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