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A pice of bodywork usuall on the rear of a car which "spoils" the airflow, thereby creating downforce over the rear wheels. Which everyone knows except Will Rastall...

see also jessops
How am i supposed to know what a spoiler is?
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日
The guy in Notting Hill that makes it far superior to 6 Weddings and a funeral
That guy is amazing!He's a Spike!
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日
The guy in Notting Hill who is superlative but is not superior at all to 4 Weddings and a Funeral
作者 Tom Scott 2003年3月15日
When you reject your friends amazing birthday soiree because youre tired. My arse. Poor ickle you Phallus boy.A prime example is will rastall.

No sorry Will I cant come to your Soiree because (cry cry) Im tired.

(Really hes just space docking howard and baz in a flying jessops on the way to monte carlo)
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日
A chunk of valuable metal.
OR an idiot or buffoon, like howard or baz.
(After he decides he loves men):
You are a nugget Mike...
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日
Great, amazing. A term meaning generally good.
A:Party at mine this weekend!
B:Scrum Down!
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日
The act of buggering somone else, often of the same sex with a frozen turd.
Baz: Hey rastall do you wanna go space docking later?
Will: You bet! scrum down!
作者 Tom Scott 2003年2月12日


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