10 definitions by Wangsta

to loosely follow normal working hours
Man, I've got to Furey today, I've got a 6 p.m. flight to catch, think I'll leave around noon.
作者 Wangsta 2003年12月24日
something or someone who is "off the hezzy" or koo.
Look at dat doo he be pimpin out.
作者 wangsta 2003年11月17日
the underworld ruled by satan (Hades)
go to hell (underworld) lol
作者 Wangsta 2003年1月28日
While squeezing the clit between two fingers, you flick the clit with your other hand repeatedly untill broozing.
I am so sore , my boyfriend came me a really bad clit flick.
作者 WangsTa 2003年2月25日


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