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Sung Hi Lee, a good looking Korean porn star who works in the west
She better not be a product of the plastic surgery industry...
作者 Whale Watcher 2003年6月10日
a common term for a lesbian.
Jon won't hit on Alison because he's pretty sure she's a whale watcher.
作者 whale watcher 2014年10月10日
The name tells, goat's milk.
I love this stuff!!
作者 Whale Watcher 2003年6月05日
The name tells, food for dogs. Some dogfood are known to contain dog meats from dogs killed in dog pounds.
mmmmmm....dogfood....they look so tasty!!
作者 Whale Watcher 2003年6月05日
Historical event, where Bostonians sneaked onto an English cargo and threw down all the imported tea to protest against the tea tax
Tax my ass
作者 Whale Watcher 2003年6月05日
Stupid lying son of bitch fucking shit head. his eye is brown.
He dont know shit about any funking things.
作者 Whale watcher 2003年9月04日
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a.k.a Special Administrative Region Syndrome
Don't eat that cat!
作者 Whale Watcher 2003年6月05日



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