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The best website on the entire world wide web as recognized by Google, The Hun, Face The Jury, and Bill Gates, amongst many others. A place to meet sexy singles in your area and stick your wee-weein their eye.
I met my soulmate at judgemedotnet, and the best part, it was free!
作者 Whitney 2005年2月20日
when you see a hot hot person
oh girl he's looking real business
作者 Whitney 2004年12月25日
a hott girl with a fine ass,great shaped boobs,knows how to drop it like its hott..and is found very attractive to alot of boys.
(a boy)She is my babygirl.
作者 whitney 2004年12月11日
to have money and spend it freely or like a baller
chingys song powerballin
作者 WHITNEY 2005年3月20日
hahahahaha i commented hahahahahahaha
um definition?!?!? .... oh shit
ugly ron is my homeboy
作者 whitney 2003年9月26日
a white trash dirty slut
that bitch is such a slubag.
作者 whitney 2003年1月01日
a combination of sketchy and random
wow that dude in the corner watching me is skandom.
作者 whitney 2004年12月09日



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