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very classy or sophisticated
作者 Ash 2003年1月05日
very fancy, posh, or trendy
I love this swanky new club! It's slammin'!
作者 Ash 2003年1月05日
An expression of your feelings towards another person. Usually bad, however in some cultures such as Australia, are often used in a joking manner.
Peter: G'day asshole!
Vince: Howzit goin? you wanker.
Peter: Vnizzle have I ever told you you're a Tilado!
Vince: Oh fuck you Puckken.
作者 Ash 2005年1月23日
Alternate spelling to 'bonzer'. Means 'brilliant'.
She's bonza mate, one-of-a-kind!
作者 Ash 2004年12月07日
It's like saying awesome or sweet.
"I found some weed in my jacket, jackpot!"
作者 ash 2004年12月16日
Specific information on how to perform a difficult task. (originated in rock climbing/bouldering)
(Climbing) Chip had some pretty good beta for me, so I think I've got this problem dialed in. (General) Can you give me some beta on how to get to your house?
作者 Ash 2005年4月26日
A not-so-common Australian farewell.
See you Monday, alright hoo roo.
作者 Ash 2004年12月07日



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