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What you say to a stupid jock when he takes your girlfriend out to dinner.

From Pure Pwnage 9: The Story Of Dave
Jock: you remind me of those geeks i used to beat the sh*t out of in high school

Ownerer: you remind me of gay
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作者 beejabeeja 2006年11月30日
1. An MMORPG set in a medieval time frame, with skills to improve, mini-games to play, and is often filled with stupid people calling each other noobs to feel better about themselves.

2. Anything that is really addictive and devours your soul.
1. I'm gonna go play Runescape all night long.

2. Runescape is such a runescape
#zezima #jagex #mmorpg #wow #guthix
作者 beejabeeja 2006年5月09日
A method of eating grapefruit, where, once cut down the middle, granulated sugar is generously applied everywhere. it is then licked off, and the grapefruit discarded into the trash.
I'm going to eat my grapefruit 'homer simpson style.'
#homer #homer simpson #grapefruit #the simpsons #doh.
作者 beejabeeja 2006年12月09日
The sound made by wolves with rabies when they are outside your house waiting to come in and eat you. Also made by mountain lions and even emus.
And then the three little pigs heard the silence and they knew they were doomed.
#coyotes #rabies #silent #mountain lions #emus
作者 beejabeeja 2006年4月09日
An ownache is when you get owned so badly that it starts to physically hurt, or ache, thus coining the term: ownache.
owner: i owned you so hard.
noob: ow, i think i'm getting an ownache. where's the advil?
#ownage #pwned #pwnage #headache #advil
作者 beejabeeja 2006年4月09日
another word for a homie
Dude: What's up my beeja
Homie: Dude lets chill
作者 beejabeeja 2005年8月22日
its spanish for 'know what i mean?'
yes, you can have a polish dog, but we put a
"special ingredient" in it, comprendes?
#comprende #understand #get it got it good #do you get it? you got it? ok good #spanish
作者 beejabeeja 2007年1月18日


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