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1) Person of Yiddish descent
2)Jewish person
3) Tottenham Hotspur Fottball Club supporter (originated due to the large yiddish community in that area of London)
作者 Bigrattus 2003年6月05日
A gentlemans sport. Brilliantly concieved and very difficult to master. Par superior to shoddy imitations played in certain countries.
作者 Bigrattus 2003年6月12日
Flavored tobacco smoked from a hookah. Abrabic in origin. Great stuff!!
作者 Bigrattus 2003年6月12日
Pure MDMA (Ecstacy). Not mixed with anything and generally not available in a pill
作者 Bigrattus 2003年7月07日
Term in pro wrestling. Kayfabe was the unsaid rule that the wrestlers should stay in character during the show and in public appearences in order to maintain a feeling of reality (albeit suspended) among the fans
作者 Bigrattus 2003年6月05日
Ancient sanskrit symbol of peace, prosperity and welfare. Today, most in the west asociate it with racism due to its use in Nazi germany. What a shame
作者 Bigrattus 2003年6月12日


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