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1). An OS based on Debian (Debian is based on GNU/Linux)
2). An OS that can run on just about any computer with a CD-ROM drive
3). An OS that can run entirely from a CD
4). An OS that is preferred among those in the GNU/Linux community (up there with Debian, Mandrake, and RedHat)
I just replaced Swiss Cheese XP--Windows XP--with Knoppix 3.2 and I couldn't be happier!
作者 boarder8925 2003年8月27日
A less suitable name for Windows 98 and later--Swiss Cheese is better.
I've got Winblows Me and there's almost no support for it!
作者 boarder8925 2003年8月27日
An Internet browser that is superior to Internet Explorer 6.
Netscape 7.1 is better that Internet Explorer 6.
作者 boarder8925 2003年9月24日
(1). Microsoft Corporation
(2). Microsoft Corporation's operating system, Windows
The only people who support monopoly are those who work for one or have been bought out by one!
作者 boarder8925 2003年9月11日
A more suitable name for Windows 98 and later.
Swiss Cheese XP Home Edition is such crap!
作者 boarder8925 2003年8月27日


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